Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL


Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL is another powerful digital camera produced by Blackmagic Design. It also contains the majority of the most desirable qualities of a good professional camera.

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Features of Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL

You can’t separate the performance of a camera from its features. They are the engine that drives a camera to success. Some of the most important features of the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL are:

It is handheld

While some powerful cameras are known for their huge size, this camera is a deviation from that norm. It is handheld due to its small size and weight. With a weight of 5.51 pounds and 5.79 * 7.6 * 8.74 inches, you have a powerful camera without weight issues.

High resolution

It also enjoys an impressive video capture resolution of 4K to offer cinematographer a good camera with an outstanding output. With this resolution, you can record videos up to 60p without the fear of losing image quality.

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Optical Sensor Technology

The sensor of the camera is powered by CMOS technology. That is one of the reasons why it performs incredibly well like its competitors.

ProRes recording

The ready-to-edit recording ability of the camera is another highlight. This feature affords you the opportunity to record files in different formats within the 422 and 444 variations as determined by your workload. This means you can record in ProRes 444 XQ at 312.5 MB/s down to ProRes 422 at 5.6MB/s.

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Charging options

Sometimes, you may have to work for long hours. That’s when you need a reliable charging option for your camera. To cater to this need, the camera has a 4-pin jack for charging it. Whether you have a professional Gold-Mount or V-Mount batteries, the URSA will readily accept them. Once the camera is connected to power, the camera can share power through another 4-pin jack

Touchscreen interface

The screen is designed for control with the fingers. Contrary to the traditional buttons, you can control practically all the functions of the interface with your fingers. This technology improves the ease of control of the camera.

Raw recording options

You can afford to do both compressed and uncompressed raw recordings with the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL camera. This gives the user a flexibility of recording. You are not restricted to just an option, you can choose what you like.

Shutter sensor

The camera comes with one of the best camera sensors: the Super-35 mm shutter sensor. This sensor is the best for taking breathtaking pictures with great quality.

Ergonomic design

You can take advantage of its ergonomic design to take different pictures during film shooting. You have the opportunity to showcase your skills with this amazing and powerful handheld camera.

Power options

With this camera, you are guaranteed of multiple sources of power options. That reassures you of being able to use the machine whenever you want without factoring in power failure issue.

CFast 2.0 technology

The memory card that comes with this camera is a product of CFast2.0 technology. This allows a user to take more opportunities of the functionalities of the camera. For instance, you can store some raw sensor data on it for some better uses. With the card, uninterrupted recording is guaranteed.

Durable body

One of the major factors that support the value of this camera is its design. It is built with magnesium alloy to make it durable and attractive. This design and material also contribute significantly to its light weight.

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If you are wondering about the benefits of using the product, some of its pros are:
Preferred to other products: With so many competitors to beat, it is not surprising that this camera is preferred by many people to other products. This is due to some reasons which include a better optical zoom of 10x, portability, and other unique features.
It is not expensive: While the price may be on the high side, the camera is obviously affordable when you factor in its performance and other features. You can have a piece of this camera for less than $4,000.
It is not bulky: Thanks to its compact design and lightweight, you can move from one shooting location to another with the camera firmly held in your hand without being weighed down by its weight.
Quality output: Everything about the camera is done to give you the best output. It lives up to its billing and you will enjoy using it.
Uninterrupted use: You can always count on the camera whenever you need it. From its multiple charging options to the ability to change the memory card without interrupting your shooting, it is a great camera with multiple benefits.
Versatility: This is another great benefit of the camera. You can use it for an array of purposes due to its features, and that is despite its small size.
Acceptability: Few products can beat the acceptability of this machine among other machines. While it has a long list of competitors, its good qualities make it the go-to camera for all professional uses. Users find it impressive to have a small-size camera with functionalities that bigger cameras envy. That is the secret behind their choice of this camera for many people.


There are some insignificant cons of this camera. They are:
• It doesn’t come with a lens. This requires the user to spend a few bucks to get a lens for it.
• It is not compatible with EF lenses.

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This is a good camera for all classes of cinematographers. Whatever their job requirement, the camera is designed as a reliable tool with the right features to guarantee amazing results. If you have the need to get a camera that meets all your criteria without costing you a fortune, go for the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera PL-Mount CINECAMURSAM40K/PL.

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